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Words to live by:

"You never fail trying to achieve something great."

inspired by John Kerry 



As a qualitative research expert, Cecile designs research methods, facilitates brainstorms, trains field researchers and analyses research findings. Her work allows her not only to gain an understanding of what users use, say and do, but also of what they know, feel and dream. Cecile is disarming, open-minded and always eager to understand users’ perspective. Her energy, creativity and collaboration skills, in combination with her technical background, allow her to find proper solutions to users’ problems.

Cecile started her career as a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, where she used a user centred approach to design a ultrasound interface for medical purposes. Next, she worked as a usability expert in the innovation department of Philips Healthcare. Recently, she has worked to stimulate a circular economy by initiating sustainable initiatives. She holds a MSc degree and PhD in Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical Faculty of Delft, with a focus on human factors engineering for healthcare.

Cecile has always been inspired by nature and believes we should take better care of it. Therefore, she tries to live by example and dedicates her time to live more sustainably. Her wish is to—one day—invent  a successful, smart solution in which usability and sustainability come together.

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