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Words to live by:

"If you can’t fly, RUN. If can’t run, WALK. If you can’t walk, CRAWL. But by all means, KEEP MOVING!" 

Martin Luther King.



Fatimetu brings her passion for education to her role as a qualitative researcher at FMC. She facilitates focus group discussions, conducts in-depth field interviews and brings her expertise as an educator to our training offerings.

An expert communicator, she enjoys meeting new people as part of her travel to rural communities. And helping people, particularly children and the elderly, is fundamental to the way she does her work.

In addition to working with FMC, Fatimetu is a lecturer in Reproductive Health and a student advisor for under graduate and post-graduate students at St. Pauls Hospital Millennium Medical College. She has several years experience consulting in the WASH sector in addition to clinical work at a local health centre.

She lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with her elder brother and little sister. A spiritual person, she enjoys reading the Holy Qur’an and spending time with her family.

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