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Words to live by:

"Everything you can imagine is real"

—Pablo Picasso 



Florencia supports FMC with research, documentation and reporting for FMC's core projects. She has more than five years of professional experience in research and data analysis. She has two years of professional experience in knowledge management, M&E and dissemination of findings on topics related to WASH in developing countries. Florencia's main interests relate to behaviour change sustainability and equity & inclusion in the WASH sector, both from a participatory lens. 

Florencia She holds a BA in International Relations from the Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina) and an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (UK). She started her career as a business researcher for an investment bank in Argentina while volunteering for different local NGOs. After three years at the bank, she decided she wanted to engage with the development sector fully and moved to the U.K. to pursue an MA in Development Studies. While studying in the U.K. she got to know different participatory methodologies to sanitation and became interested in the WASH sector. After graduation, she started working as a WASH consultant for academia, INGOs and the UN -mainly for the East African region.

When she is not consulting, Florencia enjoys painting and practising yoga. She is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but you can frequently find her eating asado and drinking Malbec in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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