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Words to live by:

"The truth about stories is that that’s all we are" 

—Thomas King  



Jocelyn is all about people. As a strategic communications and engagement specialist, she helps translate research, project material, and people’s lived experiences, into meaningful content for sharing with others.

Before joining the FMC team, she co-founded INLE Social Performance – a social impact and risk consultancy based in Canada. Jocelyn brings specific expertise in sustainability, gender equality and Indigenous relations to her communications and storytelling work.

If one word could be used to describe Jocelyn’s experience, it would be diverse.  She started her professional life as a bush pilot in Northern Canada and has since worked as a researcher, a volunteer and program coordinator, a facilitator and educator, in Indigenous consultation and engagement, as a risk manager, and as a storyteller. Whatever she is doing, she believes in taking a human-centred and inclusive approach.

Jocelyn holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in Communications and Culture from the University of Calgary. She has also completed a certificate in Social Impact Storytelling from Georgetown University.

When she’s not crafting stories, she’s likely to be at her Taekwondo class or listening to True Crime podcasts. Jocelyn lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with her husband, a captain with Ethiopian Airlines.

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