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Words to live by:

"Nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." 

—Anne Frank



Karin has a hand in all things visual at FMC. She approaches each project with the full user experience in mind, using her combined expertise in communications, branding and design to marry text and visuals with both readability and beauty in mind.

A graphic designer and writer by trade, Karin has worked with words and visuals for international NGOs in East Africa for the past 8 years. Before this, she was a communications consultant in the UK working in health and HR. She has also done IT services support in the past.

Karin holds a BA in Communication Studies, and a Masters in Graphic Design. She has done many courses in design, data and illustration; and continuously keeps her technical knowledge up to date. She uses industry-standard software to develop all her products.

Karin is quite enthusiastic about life and finds joy in most aspects of it. If she is not doodling, taking photos, visiting an art gallery, playing with her kids, riding, walking her two Sudanese street dogs and Havanese puppy or learning something new, you will probably find her either in a workout studio or on a dance floor. Karin lives in Nairobi, Kenya, with her family.

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